Sacramento Pathfinder Society Campaign

Pillows in the Pits

Spoilers for Crypt of the Everflame

Went to help that young Aasimar warrior on his coming of age ceremony. It appears that I was supposed to hide the fact that I’m a Pathfinder. Oops. I hope Cygar will forgive me and become my friend. The town sure gave me a lot of strange looks; haven’t they ever seen a gnome before. I only barely singed the table.
But on to the adventure…
We started on a crisp morning full of boring speeches and everyone being so serious. (Don’t they know adventures are supposed to be exciting and fun?) After a good portion of walking we ran into some terrifying orcs that just poofed into clouds of smoke when I bombed them. Maybe the bombs were too powerful, I’ve never had them work that well before. We spent the night and those Aasimars made the fire explode into fireworks, it was fascinating. Oh and I got bit by a wolf and knocked down. (Nearly shattered my mutagen bottle.)
The next day we found a corpse and he had lots of really shiny gold coins, so new and shiny. He was also a very interesting shade of putrescence, so I turned my self that color for an hour. The rest of the long walk was boring until we found the pile of horse parts and broken skeletons! Excitement is about to begin.

I’m sorta sleepy, I’ll write more later… good night.



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